Cross stitch cuteness!

Cross stitch cuteness!

I was cleaning out my home studio the other day and realized…

I have WAY too much stuff!

so started getting the creative juices flowing to find things to make out of the various oddities i have purchased, with what i like to call my “oooo shiny!” syndrome.

I am sure any of you Crafters / Artist out there know exactly what I am talking about, it’s that compelling need o purchase the most random-est thing not on your supply list because you find it cute, and surely you can use this to make something as soon as you get home.

Reality check: most often then not, those items end up being put away on a shelf and forgotten.

So I grabbed a few different things and tossed them on my desk in front of me and pondered what to do. Now I am a huge fan of old school video games ( as I grew up on the original Nintendo’s Super Mario and Legends of Zelda) and love the look of pixel art, So I grabbed my embroidery cotton and Aida cloth and surfed Pintrest until I found some fun patterns!

wip dpNeedless to say I found a few things I liked, and started working away. Now another thing I would like to point out is that i am a bit obsessed with miniature things, so i started out with 28 count aida cloth, now for those of you unfamiliar that means that there are 28 tiny squares (or x’s) in one linear inch of fabric (see the deadpool to your left, the penny is for scale)cs

Yeah I know, my eyes hated me after about 2 hrs of that, so on the next batch I switched out to 22 count (see minions to the right, black fabric is actually 14 count for a picture project) which was easier on the eyes but limited the size of items could do. next was trying to figure out what to do with them, so on to the findings shelf where I keep all my beads and jewelry items.


I decided to try out my bezels and these cute little bottles i found at the dollar store, an what do you know? I think I am on to something!

dp cs stitch bottles

I am happy with the results and will be making a whole bunch to sell at Con Bravo this July ( booth space curtesy of Prouse Pottery and Soap ).

So swing on by if you are there and check out all these cute little guys!

Thanks for reading!



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